Bird ID Workshops and Surveys

Birds of Southwest Nature Preserve

This handy 4-page list shows the birds found at SWNP, as well as their relative abundance each month of the year:

Birds of SWNP

And thanks to eBird for this helpful birding checklist for SWNP.

Beginning Bird ID Workshops and Quarterly Surveys

Are you interested in birds but can’t tell a wren from a warbler?  Learn how at beginning birding workshops which are offered quarterly and led by Master Birders.  Classroom sessions are held at a nearby facility, followed by a birding practice session at SWNP.  Each session focuses on the bird species likely to be seen at that time of year.  Seating for the optional classroom session is limited to 12 participants, so registration is required!

Here are the scheduled dates:
October 6, 2018
January 12, 2019

Bird sightings recorded during the practice sessions provide valuable survey information for SWNP and are reported to eBird.

Great Backyard Bird Count – 10th Anniversary at SWNP

On Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 we again put our own birders’ spin on the 2017 Great Backyard Bird Count at the Southwest Nature Preserve in Arlington, calling it “The Big Sit.”  We fanned out in small teams to 4 different habitats within the preserve.  Rather than roam, each team was stationary, blending into the landscape while waiting for the birds to show.

2017 Results:  45 bird species (260 birds total) seen by 6 birders.  Thanks to everyone who participated…and special thanks to Jim Frisinger for organizing GBBC 2017!

Several records were set for the 10th Anniversary count; here’s Jim’s report summary:

The tally for the 10th year of our count is still the most diverse ever – 45 species (besting 2014’s 41 species) and 260 birds (also a record, besting the 241 counted in 2014).
Three species not previously appearing in the February bird count were broad-wing hawk, hairy woodpecker and road runners.
Record counts were recorded for gadwalls, grebes, white-winged doves, blue jays, Carolina chickadees, red-bellied woodpeckers, mockingbirds, starlings, cedar waxwings and Northern cardinals.
Take a bow.

For a history of Great Backyard Bird Count data, beginning in 2007, see:  v.3 FINAL GBBC 2007-2017.

Great Backyard Bird Count is a nation-wide citizen science event sponsored annually by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society.  For more information and how you can participate at your home, nearby park or other site, see